Loft Penview 2023

Loft's Pen Preview


Focusing on writing instruments, "Loft's Pen Preview 2023" is being held from Saturday, March 11 to Friday, May 12 at 138 Loft stores nationwide and at the Loft online store.

This year marks the third time the event has been held, and the lineup includes items in colors and designs exclusive to the Loft, new products in spring-like shades, and items distributed overseas. Sustainable ballpoint pens made from recycled plastic bottles and other materials will also be available. Products handled and scale may vary by store.

LotRing 600 Loft Limited Color

A reissue of the popular "LotRing 600" series released in 2021 will be available on March 18 for 3,630 yen (tax included, same as below).

Rotring 600 Loft Limited Color

Frixion 3 Wood Marble Stone Design

The wood model Frixion ballpoint pens, which give a sense of warmth from the wood, are now available in a marble-style body design. Five types available, 2,420 yen each.

Frixion 3 wood, marble stone pattern

Uniball One F Kusumi-Bicolor

This series is popular for its stable writing with a low center of gravity. A limited edition bi-color model is now available exclusively at the Loft, combining last summer's limited release colors and standard colors with beige/ecru barrels. Five types, 330 yen each.

UNIBALL ONE F Dull bicolor

Smash Popularity Poll Colors Mint Green/Off White

The two colors selected as a result of the popularity poll held in April 2022 have been commercialized as Loft original colors. 1,100 yen each.

Smash Popularity vote color Mint green/off-white


A ballpoint pen with an angle of 15 degrees at the nib and base of the pen, which makes the nib almost perpendicular to the surface of the paper, allowing writing with light pressure. The ball diameter is 0.38 mm. 330 yen each.


Sarasa Grand Cosme Color

Gel ink ballpoint pen with a luxurious design. Five vivid lip-inspired colors, scheduled for release on April 8. Scheduled to be released on April 8. 1,100 yen each.

Sarasa Grand Cosmetic Color

BrushSign Artist

Ultra-fine tip brush pens sold overseas have landed in Japan. Available in a total of four colors. Each one is priced at 385 yen.

Brush Sign Pen Artist

Shalaku Sh

alaku office-use mechanical pencils "Berry Shalaku" in Asian distribution colors. Three types in all. 110 yen each.

Sharpie pencil "Berry Sha Raku" in Asian distribution colors

Pens and stands made from corn and



Pens made from corn cores and chili peppers, which would otherwise be discarded, are newly released from a series using materials recycled from various waste products generated in Japan. 836 yen each.

Pen & stand made of corn/pepper

B2P (Bottle to Pen)

Ballpoint pen made from approximately 90% recycled PET material (excluding refills), mainly from collected PET bottles. 165 yen.

B2P(Bottle to Pen)