Vereda "Scalp Cleansing Double Set"


"Scalp Cleansing Double Set"

Vereda will launch a special hair care set "Scalp Cleansing Double Set" on July 11.

Scalp Cleansing Double


Vereda "Scalp Cleansing Double Set"

This set includes two bottles of "Rosemary Scalp Cleansing," a popular hair care product from Vereda, which rinses off sticky and dirty scalp. The price is 5,500 yen (tax included, same as below). The price is 5,500 yen (tax included, same as below), a savings of 1,100 yen compared to purchasing the product separately.


Scalp Cleansing
Vereda "Rosemary Scalp Cleansing

Rosemary Scalp Cleansing is a "3 in 1" type of organic deep cleansing that can be used for cleansing, massage, and treatment in a single bottle. 2 types of clay and bamboo charcoal are used to remove dirt and impurities, and remove clogged sebum and styling residue that cannot be removed with daily shampooing. It also removes residue of styling products and sebum that cannot be removed by daily shampooing, leaving your scalp comfortable. After washing, hair is left with a fluffy, silky finish that rises up from the roots. Regular price is 3,300 yen/200g (7.05oz).