Promil Oil Kinmokusei

Promille oil Kinmokusei" will be on

sale again Promille oil Kinmokusei, which sold out immediately after its release last year (2022), will be on sale again this year from July 21. Promille oil Kinmokusei" will be on sale again this year from July 21. It will be available at beauty salons, online stores, variety stores, and drugstores nationwide.

In addition, to commemorate the re-launch of Promille Oil Kinmokusei, this year a "Promille Oil Kinmokusei Limited Set" containing Promille Oil Kinmokusei and Promille Milk out-bath treatment will be available in limited quantities.


Oil Kinmokusei "Promille Oil Kinmokusei" is a hair and body oil with over 98% natural ingredients that expresses the nostalgic scent of kumquatsedge, which reminds us of the early arrival of autumn. It is designed to have a "realistic fragrance" and "long-lasting fragrance," just like the real fragrance of the fragrance of the fragrant olive.

Promil Oil Kinmokusei

In addition to 16 types of natural plant oils, it contains succinyl extract from amber, the world's only plant-derived gemstone, to provide shine and moisture to hair and skin that is easily dried due to strong UV damage during the summer season. It also contains kohaku extract from amber, the world's only plant-derived gemstone.

Priced at 1,980 yen for 50 ml (tax included) and 3,300 yen for 150 ml.


Edition Set

Promil Kinmokusei Limited Edition Set

The "PROMILKINMOKUSAI Limited Edition Set" includes a 50ml (1.69us fl oz) bottle of "PROMILKINMOKUSAI Oil" and three 3g (0.11oz) packets of "PROMILK (Peach Kinmokusei Fragrance)," an out-bath treatment with a gorgeous peach and kumquat fragrance. The price is 1,980 yen. The compact size is easy to carry and is recommended for summer outings and travel.



Promille "Promille Milk"

Promil Milk" contains naturally derived berry extract and silk pearl ingredients, and is expected to have a high damage repair effect. Use after bathing and before using the hair dryer to prevent friction while sleeping, repair hair from the inside, and reduce the risk of frizz the next morning. It leaves your hair moist and smooth to the touch.