Ringcolle! Tamagotchi" capsule toy

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colle! Tamagotchi Bandai Vendor Division will sell "Ringcolle! Tamagotchi," a ring version of the portable nurturing toy "Tamagotchi" released in 1996, starting the second week of September. The price is 300 yen per ring (tax included). Total 12 kinds.


"Ringcolle! Tamagotchi" is a miniature-sized ring (approx. 20mm in height) based on the design of the portable toy "Tamagotchi" released in 1996. The package has also been reproduced, and you can enjoy the process of opening the package just like the real thing. It is a cute product that can be worn or displayed.

Ringcolle! Tamagotchi" capsule toy

The lineup includes a total of 12 types: "Mamechi", "Oyajichi", "Tarakko", "Ginjirochi", "Kuchipatchi", "Tamago", "Masukkochi", "Kuchitamacchi", "Tamacchi", "Nyorocchi", "Marukko", and "Babychi".

Ringcolle!" is

a series of original ring collections that incorporate various motifs into rings, including "I love yolk," which will be released in December 2020. (300 yen per purchase, 5 types in total), the series has been offering rings that are fun to look at and that make you want to try them on.

The rings are fun to look at and make you want to try them on.