Nitori "Cross-shaped pinch hanger

Nitori Cross-shaped

Pinch Hanger

Tube Drying

Nitori offers a cross-shaped pinch hanger. The price is 249 yen (including tax). The size is approximately 44 cm (width) x 44 cm (depth) x 22 cm (height). the material is originally polypropylene and the spring is steel.


pinch hanger Nitori developed this cross-shaped pinch hanger that allows clothes to be opened and dried in a tube in response to requests for a hanger that makes it easier to dry pants. By drying clothes in a tubular shape, thick fabrics such as denim can be dried easily because they allow air to flow through, and skirts and pants are less likely to lose their shape or wrinkle. With eight pins, it is also convenient for drying small items such as socks, handkerchiefs, and underwear. When the hanger is closed, it becomes slim and can be used as a normal hanger.

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