Nitori "Everyday Raku Raku Plate

Nitori Everyday Raku Raku Plate Stores in a standing

position New product "Everyday Raku Raku Plate" is now available from Nitori.

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Nitori developed the "Everyday Raku Raku Plate" specifically for storage in response to customers' comments that dishes are bulky and difficult to store. Six plates can be stored in a special stand with a space of 4.5 cm. The key point is that the plates can be stored in a standing position, so the plates you want can be quickly retrieved. Even if you leave the set out, it takes up little space and looks neat. It is also recommended to keep a set on the kitchen board for guests. The microwavable design makes them easy to use in everyday life, and their size makes them easy to place in a dishwasher or drainer, making them convenient for washing dishes.

Plates are available in three sizes (12 cm, 18 cm, and 21 cm square per side), and the 7-piece set includes two each of 12 cm, 18 cm, and 21 cm plates and a special stand. Any combination of six plates of any size will fit on the special stand. Two colors, black and brown, are available to enhance dishes. The material used is mainly polypropylene resin, and 5% of straw fiber, which would otherwise be discarded, is used, making this an environmentally friendly item. Available in two colors, black and brown.

7-piece set: 2,990 yen (2 12cm plates, 2 18cm plates, 2 21cm plates, stand)
12cm plate: 399 yen
18cm plate: 499 yen
21cm plate: 599 yen
Stand: 999 yen