Nitori "Wall Catwalk" No construction required, no damage to walls, easy to install and remove! Freely customize Image 1

Nitori “Wall catwalk”

"Wall catwalks" are on sale at some Nitori stores and Nitori Net. It can be installed without drilling holes in the wall, and is easy to install and remove.

wall catwalk

A catwalk is a fun way for your cat to get rid of lack of exercise. However, many owners give up on installing them because they don't want to make holes in the wall, they can't remove them once they're installed, and the construction is difficult and expensive.

To solve this problem, we have developed a wall catwalk that is easy to install and remove, can be freely rearranged, and does not damage walls. It's a hanging type that doesn't make holes in the wall, so it's also recommended for people who live in rental properties. Available in a wide range of heights, from approximately 192cm to 260cm.

Nitori “Wall catwalk”

Wall catwalk support set

The main body width is available in two sizes: approximately 80cm and 40cm. You can connect them and combine them freely. Width 80cm 12,990 yen/Width 40cm 9,990 yen (tax included, same below).

Nitori “Wall Catwalk Receiver Set”

wall catwalk

Shelves that can be replaced with one touch. Secure the shelves by inserting hooks into the punching board. The strong magnet on the back makes it easy to install and remove without tools. Small shelf 3,990 yen/Large shelf 4,990 yen.

Nitori “Wall catwalk”

wall catwalk kubomi

A simple bed that allows you to admire cats who love to curl up and sleep from below. You can also see the cute paws, so we recommend installing it in a relatively high position. 5,990 yen. For 80 width receiving plates only. It cannot be installed on a 40 width receiving plate.

Nitori “Wall Catwalk Kubomi”

wall catwalk ladder

A suspension bridge type for cats who love to climb. A ladder that looks gorgeous and can be connected. Connect and secure the shelves together. 1,990 yen.

Nitori “Wall Catwalk Ladder”

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