"Garbage Disposal Bancho" is a garbage collection date notification calendar installed at the front door or in the kitchen. Since it will notify you by voice on the day of garbage disposal, you can prevent forgetting to dispose of "recyclable waste", which is rarely collected, for example.

On the day of garbage collection, the garbage icon and type (burnable garbage, non-burnable garbage, recyclable garbage) are displayed on the LCD screen. In addition, a motion sensor detects the movement of a person and a voice alarm notifies that "Today is a garbage day."

When you have finished taking out the garbage, you can stop the voice notification by pressing the "Completed garbage removal" button. Notification voice can be selected from 3 types, and the volume can be adjusted. In addition, on the day before the garbage collection day, after 6 pm, the previous day's notice lamp will light up to inform you of the next day's collection date.

Supports 3WAY installation methods of "magnet", "stand", and "screw". It can be installed in various places such as the kitchen, entrance, and living room.

The size of the main body is 110 length x 110 width x 18 mm thickness, and weighs about 142 g. The price is 4,298 yen (tax included).