There is a diagram that explains the distortion of space due to gravity. It's rarely seen in everyday life, but some companies have adopted that figure for their carpet patterns. That is the Danish "ege". ege created a carpet with a flat floor that looks hollow.

The client of the carpet is Automotive Helmond of the Netherlands. He asked ege to make a carpet to turn a boring office space into something impressive on a tight budget. The aim is to hit the mark, and every customer who visits the office and outside members of Automotive Helmond are surprised by the carpet and spread the fun by word of mouth.

The carpet is designed with thin, bright lines. The line basically runs parallel to the next line, but sometimes it curves a lot, giving the illusion that the floor is hollow. The base color of the carpet is black. This color not only makes thin lines stand out, but also has the effect of making you feel as if you are walking in outer space.

As intended, this carpet has an outstanding advertising effect at a low cost. The downside is that, on rare occasions, some people fall in what appears to be a dent. It seems that the brain cannot keep up with the fact that the part that was thought to be a dent is actually flat. Well, that may be the case. You may want to be careful, especially when you are tired.