In the large-scale flood caused by the collapse of the Kinugawa embankment, two residents were rescued with two dogs, which attracted a lot of attention. After that, the two dogs went to the evacuation center with their owners.

Yes, you can put your dog or cat in the shelter. However, various measures must be taken so as not to bother other people in the shelter. At that time, the important thing is the cage. Not only does the cage not bother other people in the shelter, but it can also reduce the stress on the pet.

Is there a cage that is easy to carry in the event of a disaster? I searched for and found this cage " Nekoichi Portable Cage ".

"Nekoichi Portable Cage" is a pop-up cage. It is a type of cat goods that is usually folded into small pieces and stored, and then opened when used. The size when opened is 50.8x50.8x81 cm, which is quite large as a cage that can accommodate toilets, beds, nails and nails. It seems that the cat is conscious of the size that can be spent without much stress even if it spends a certain amount of time in this. On the other hand, when folded, it is as compact as 30x30x11 cm. It also comes with a storage bag that is convenient to carry around.

Folds into a small case
Folds into a small case

In addition, there is also a function that can be fastened to the car seat with a seat belt.

With this, it may be convenient to evacuate with your pet in the event of a disaster. Also, it might be perfect as a private room for my favorite cat.

Immediately after the earthquake that struck Tokyo Bay at 5:49 am on September 12, the author replaced / purchased additional water and preserved foods for stockpiling. We plan to add more in the future, but if you have a cat, you may want to add "Nekoichi Portable Cage" to the list of disaster prevention supplies for purchase.