The scent of fragrant olive reminds me of an athletic meet, and the perfume I smelled in the crowd suddenly reveals my past lover. I think everyone is aware of the phenomenon that memories of the past are remembered triggered by the scent (although the content is different for each person ...).

This phenomenon is called the "Proust effect" because it was described by French literary master Marcel Proust, but it seems to have been scientifically proven. Of the five senses, only the sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system involved in emotions and memory, and it is said that such a phenomenon occurs.

Then, there is no way for everyone in love to take advantage of this effect for the coming Christmas! Here are three recommended scents to control your impression so that you will become an "unforgettable woman" every Christmas.

Remember my scent
Remember my scent

◆ The No. 1 favorite is "soap"

According to the "Internet Survey on Smell" conducted by Rakuten Research, "the scent of soap and shampoo" was the top scent that both men and women liked. The scent that you have been familiar with since you were a child may give the other person a sense of security.

Favorite scent tendency (n = 1200, multiple answers, unit:%) / Rakuten Research survey
Favorite scent tendency (n = 1200, multiple answers, unit:%) / Rakuten Research survey

◆ Do you make men flutter? "Tea" scent

According to the "Tokimeki Brain Wave Measurement Experiment" released by Kirin Beverage's "Tea and Living Research Institute," men produce brain waves that resemble a "crush" state when they drink black tea. Moreover, it is stronger when you smell the scent than when you drink it! If you order at a cafe, decide on tea?

◆ "Rose" that creates a happy aura

According to a survey of "events and scents" conducted by Lion in women in their 20s and 30s, "rose" was selected as the top "scent to wear for Christmas." The reasons were "because it will be gorgeous" and "because I want to look feminine".

Scent you want to wear by event / Lion research
Scent you want to wear by event / Lion research

In the aroma field, rose is said to have a sedative effect as well as a stimulating effect on women's sensibilities and a feeling of well-being. By incorporating it into the body care and aroma of the previous day as well as the date, it seems that you can have a happy aura from the inside.

Perfume was the most common method of wearing scents, but recently, a method of using a softener or a deodorant spray for clothing to let it float naturally is also popular. If you are planning a date near Christmas, why not use it consciously? We also introduce aroma softeners and black tea scented fabric softeners, so please take a look!

* Survey source: Rakuten Research "Internet Survey on Smell"
Survey target: 1,200 men and women in their teens and 60s nationwide Implementation period: April 18 to April 20, 2014 ・ Tea and Living Research Institute "Tokimeki EEG measurement experiment"
Research organization: Nagaoka University of Technology Survey target: 16 men aged 20 to 35 Implementation period: November 25, 2014 to January 30, 2015 ・ Lion "Events and fragrances" awareness survey Survey target: 20 to 30 600 women in their ages Implementation period: September 25-27, 2015