Pre-orders for "Palmate Petit Osomatsu-san Chabudai Set! Set" will start at 11:00 on March 10th. A set of 6 "Matsuno family" six-piece figures from "Osomatsu-san" and a chabudai / background mount that allows you to recreate the situation of relaxing in the living room.

The size of the figure is about 45 mm. In addition to the six Matsuno family members of "Osomatsu," "Karamatsu," "Choromatsu," "Ichimatsu," "14matsu," and "Todomatsu," the cat character "Espagnanco" that appears in the film. "(About 20 mm) is also included.

The atmosphere of the anime is expressed as it is, such as "Ichimatsu" with a cross-legged expression that seems to be unmotivated, "Karamatsu" with sharp eyes, and "14 pine" that is lying on its back and seems to be rampaging at any moment. ..

It also comes with a chabudai and background mount placed in the Matsuno family's living room, so you can recreate the unity of the six children on the other side of the TV.

Reservations are accepted at Bandai's official shopping site "Premium Bandai". The reservation period is from 11:00 on March 10th until the reserve quantity is reached. The product is scheduled to be shipped in late June 2016. The price is 5,832 yen (including consumption tax and shipping fee) (fee not included).