PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Karamatsu

From the palm-sized figure "PUTITTO" series that you can enjoy by hooking it on the edge of a cup, "PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2" with the motif of the animation "Osomatsu-san" will be released on September 30 (may differ slightly depending on the region). .. The price is 300 yen per piece.

This time, the second installment, six children will appear in the familiar "pine tie" style. It is sold in capsule toys (so-called gacha-gacha) and blind box format. By the way, the first " Pine Parker " style recorded the highest number of sales in the history of the PUTITTO series.

The Enuchi editorial department has succeeded in borrowing a product from the distributor "Kitan Club" prior to its release. I took pictures one by one against the background of the prepared illustration of the living room of the Matsuno family. * The background is an enlarged copy from the official character book (personal property).

Paper bag with background
Stick the printed background on a paper bag and fix it

● What is a pine jumpsuit?
A coverall with a pine mark on the chest, which is worn by six children in episode 6 of the anime. Because everyone is neat, it's not work clothes for work, but just fashion. Although each color is different, the type is basically the same, which is why the dressing that brings out the character's character is the highlight.

● Eldest son Osomatsu
Wearing the red jumpsuit, which is the image color, as bottoms by taking off only the upper body. The top is a white Ron T with a large pine mark in the center.

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Osomatsu
Eldest son Osomatsu

The expression with plenty of room seems to be the eldest son. It is a type that can be hooked with the knee, but it can also be hooked with the arms folded behind the head. The sleeves of the tie are shaped against gravity, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Osomatsu
Arms are also hooked

● Second son Karamatsu
Image color A style that opens wide in front of the blue jumpsuit and looks (fascinates) the black V-neck inner.

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Karamatsu
Second son Karamatsu

A rushed expression in a dynamic pose that barely grabs the edge and struggles. The character of Karamatsu, which is easy to see in the work, is expressed, and I feel the love of the developer.

Since the arm can be fixed so that it can be inserted into the edge, it will not fall even if the cup is tilted to the side.

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Karamatsu

● Third son Choromatsu
The connection is green, which is the image color. The zipper (button?) Is closed to the neck, and the collar is folded back for a crisp look.

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Choromatsu
I said something

A pose with arms crossed and one leg on the knee. It has a "he" -shaped mouth, falling eyebrows, and a slightly embarrassed, Choromatsu-like expression.

More stable at the corners of boxes and desks than the edges of cups.

● Fourth son Ichimatsu
The connection is purple, which is the image color. The feature is that it is oversized. In a pose with both elbows and knees, her best friend cat "Espagnanco" is placed on her back.

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Ichimatsu
With my best friend Espa Nyanko!

Since the two places (the folded hands and crotch) that can be hooked are parallel, it seems that it is easy to hook on a straight edge instead of a bent edge such as a cup. Even if you leave it on the flat ground as it is.

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Ichimatsu
Back view

● Fifth son Jyushimatsu
Wear the yellow coverall by pulling it up until your mouth is hidden. He holds it on the edge with one hand and has an acrobatic pose with both legs open 180 degrees.

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 14 pine
A pose that seems to be 14 pine away from humans

It showed a stable catch on the cup, and I was able to put choro pine and Ichimatsu on the ground and flat belly.

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Choromatsu and Jyushimatsu

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu
Confident in shoulder strength

● Youngest brother Todomatsu
The image color pink jumpsuit is worn as bottoms by taking off only the upper body like Osomatsu. The hem is rolled up to create a lightness. The top is a white Ron T (three-quarter length) with a pine mark on the chest.

PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 Todomatsu
Six-child only smartphone holder

A self-portrait pose with a smartphone in the right hand and a piece in the left hand. The upper eye for the smartphone held diagonally upwards is brilliant!

You can also insert your arm and fix it, so you can continue taking selfies no matter how much you tilt the glass.

● Summary
PUTITTO Osomatsu-san 2 is fun not only to play by hooking on the edge, but also to prepare the background and shoot like this. Don't miss the unchanging high quality and the design that captures the hearts of fans more than last time! From now on, I would like to secure a large amount of 100-yen coins and go out to the town to spin the gacha on the release date.