Restaurant "The Bunyadi" where you can enjoy your meal naked, naked area

Not only is it prohibited to bring in smartphones, but the restaurant "The Bunyadi", which does not use gas or electricity in the store, will open in London, England in June this year. It is also London's first "naked restaurant".

The theme of the restaurant is "Pangaea", which is said to have existed about 250 million years ago. Along with this theme (?), Meals cooked on a wood stove are served on handmade ceramics. The customer side is a system where they can eat this with cutlery.

"The Bunyadi" Restaurant theme "Pangaea Continent"
Reference image: "Pangaea Continent" where almost all the land was continuous

There are no lamps in the restaurant, only candles. The partition inside the restaurant is a partition made of bamboo.

Bamboo partition inside the "The Bunyadi" restaurant
All partitions inside the "The Bunyadi" restaurant are made of bamboo

Seb Lyall, who runs the restaurant, explains why he opened "The Bunyadi."

"People should be given the opportunity to experience and enjoy a night without" chemicals "such as artificial colors," technologies "such as electricity, gas and smartphones, and" clothes "to wear. We are thinking, because that is to experience true freedom. "

According to Lyall, "The Bunyadi" doesn't force you to be naked. However, the restaurant says it will try to create an atmosphere that makes people feel more comfortable when they are naked.

At the entrance of the restaurant, there is a bar counter that is convenient for meeting people. This is the "wearing clothes" area. There is a changing room beside this bar, where you can take off your clothes and enter the "pure" area.

Bar counter of "The Bunyadi"
Bar counter of "The Bunyadi" Meet here, take off your clothes in the changing room and go inside

Internal structure of "The Bunyadi"
Floor plan inside "The Bunyadi"

If you're planning on visiting London this summer, why not head over to The Bunyadi? However, I don't know if I can enter the store. Even before the opening of "The Bunyadi," more than 38,000 people have already been added to the waiting list.