"Agetwell Pitaya Puree"
How about a healthy and uplifting breakfast?

The superfood "Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)" has been attracting attention alongside acai in recent years. Among them, the bright red flesh of "Red Pitaya" contains plenty of polyphenol "betacyanin", and it is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, making it a fruit that women are happy with.

Red Pitaya
Colorful "Red Pitaya"

There aren't many opportunities to eat raw fruits in Japan, but recently the number of Hawaiian cafes offering pitaya bowls and smoothies is increasing. But it's a hassle to go to the cafe! I found a recommended product for such a person in KALDI.

"Aget well pitaya puree" is a puree of only the flesh of ripe pitaya. One pack contains 100g (3.53oz) and the price is 298 yen (excluding tax).

Agetwell Pitaya Puree
It seems that fruits grown without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used.

It is sold frozen, so use it after loosening the pack with running water. As anyone who has eaten it knows, pitaya itself has a light taste, so it's not good to eat it as it is. If you don't have time, just topping it on yogurt will make it easier to eat.

Agetwell Pitaya Puree
If left as it is, it tastes more like vegetables.

This time I will make a Pitaya bowl. You will need the same amount of banana (about one small), granola, your favorite fruit, yogurt, etc. as one pack (100g (3.53oz)) of pitaya puree.

How to make a pitaya bowl
Except for bananas

Mix the pitaya puree and banana in a blender or blender until smooth. If you have one, you can add coconut water.

How to make a pitaya bowl
Be careful not to fly it on your clothes, even if it is bright and really beautiful!

Put it in a bowl, add granola and your favorite toppings, and you're done.

Pitaya bowl
All you need is a tool

Pitaya bowl
It's fashionable even if you put it in a glass

The sour fruit is recommended as a topping, as it becomes mellow and sweet when combined with bananas. Granola will improve the texture, and this alone will make your breakfast very satisfying.

This breakfast is perfect for the hot season, but be aware that eating too much may cause your body to get cold and your stomach hungry. Please try the Pitaya Bowl, which looks cute and motivates you all day long!