Photo essay collection "Teraneko DAYS Neko Hanayama Njai"

A collection of photo essays "Teraneko DAYS Nekohanayama Njai" was published on June 17th from Orange Page.

"Gotanjoji", the setting for "Temple Cat Days Cat Hanayama Njai"
Photo essay collection "Teraneko DAYS Nekohanayama Njai" is now on sale!

The stage of the photo essay collection is "Gotanjoji" in the suburbs of Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. The number of cats increased here because Zen Master Itabashi, who loves cats, protected and received abandoned cats, and it is now known as the Cat Temple.

The signboard of "Gotanjoji", which was the setting for "Temple Cat Days Cat Hanayama Njai"
Now I'm ok

Twenty-seven cats live in the precincts, and worshipers spend their time stroking, picking up, and taking pictures of the cats. In addition, cats are taken care of as part of the training of monks, and food and medical expenses are covered by donations.

At Gotanjoji, caring for cats is part of the training
Nya who is not in the way, Nya who helps with training ♪

"Temple cat DAYS cat Hanayama Njai" image
Cats don't practice

"Temple Cat Days Neko Hanayama Nyai" to be released this time is a collection of photo essays with a message from Zen Master Itabashi Koshu on the photos of the cats at Gotanjoji. A book that teaches you a "don't worry" way of life that will heal your cats and make you feel cheerful and positive in the words of the Zen Master.

"Temple cat DAYS cat Hanayama Njai" sample page
Thank you ~

The photo was taken by popular photographer Minoru Kitchin. At the time of shooting, he focused on becoming a cat rather than shooting a cat, walking in the precincts with the cat, passing through the forest, and feeling jumping on the roof. The result was reflected in the photograph.

Temple Cat DAYS Cat Hanayama Njai was photographed by Mr. Minoru Kitchin
Kitchen Minoru who flew as a cat Nya …… I'm sorry to lie

The size is A5 size and the number of pages is 100 pages. The price is 1,300 yen (excluding tax).

Cover of "Temple Cat Days Cat Hanayama Njai"