14 kinds of new face cats appear in the cat's seal "Nekozukan"

14 kinds of new-faced cats have been added to the seal "Nekozukan" with a cat illustration on the seal. You can choose a "push cat" from a total of 35 types.

The latest lineup of "Nekozukan" that can be selected from 35 types of designs
The latest lineup of "Cat Zukan": You can choose from a total of 35 types of illustrations

"Nekozukan" is a seal with a cat illustration by an exclusive designer and the user's name dug on the seal. It can be used as a registration stamp at almost all major banks.

A seal "Nekozukan" that combines a cat illustration and a name
Seal "Nekozukan" with a cat illustration and name dug

The illustrations added this time are the same as before, drawn by an exclusive female designer who loves cats. In addition to the "calico cat" and "hachiware" requested by users, cats in clay pots, cats that slurp on their feet, and cats that massage their backs are used as designs.

"Nekozukan" additional design list
Is the cat in the clay pot number 25?

An example of 14 kinds of new-faced cats in the cat's seal "Nekozukan"
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry ...

I like three kinds of cats: peep cats, superorder cats, and fish-added dora cats. The author, who is a peeping cat, feels the cuteness of the 20th peeping cat.

Example of "peeping cat"
Reference image: Peeping cat cute!

An example of the latest lineup of "Cat Zukan"
One of the latest lineups of "Nekozukan", Nozoki Neko Gufu

"Nekozukan" additional illustration example
I also like cats with superorders

For details on prices, etc., refer to the website of "Seal Hanko SHOP Hankoz".

"Nekozukan" additional illustration example
Doraneko-kun with fish is number 31!