"Bubble Lick" to make your favorite drink a soap bubble

"Bubble Lick" is a kit that makes soap bubbles that you can eat your favorite drink. Children can make soft drinks, and adults can make soap bubble-shaped bubbles and drink (eat?) While playing.

"Bubble Lick" use case: an example of a child playing
Soft drink soap bubbles for children

"Bubble Lick" Use Case 2: Example of use for adults
For adults, use alcoholic beverages as soap bubbles

To make soap bubbles with a drink, pour your favorite drink into a "Bubble Lick" bottle and shake gently. If you make soap bubbles with this liquid, you can make edible soap bubbles.

How to make soap bubbles using "Bubble Lick" 1: Pour a drink into the bottle
Pour your favorite drink into the "Bubble Lick" bottle

How to make soap bubbles using "Bubble Lick" 2: Mix gently
Shake gently

Soap bubble making procedure 3 using "Bubble Lick"
The rest is the same as a normal soap bubble!

If you have a "Bubble Lick" for your child's birthday party, your children will be enthusiastic about the soap bubbles they can eat. If you are an adult, it may be fun to use it at a countdown party to celebrate the New Year. Besides, it will be perfect for Halloween parties.

It is sold on the British mail order site FIREBOX. You can also buy it at Amazon.com in the United States.

"Bubble Lick" package