Summer cat sweets "Ironekote Ice"

Introducing the summer-specification "Ironekote Ice" to the popular cat sweets "Ironekote". It will go on sale at the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka on July 1st.

"Ironekote" is a sweet made by sandwiching a cream with a crunchy texture in a Dacquoise dough in the shape of a cat's hand. The paws are reproduced with chocolate. In addition to the popular "Kuro (chocolate)" and "Shiro (plain)", a new work "Momo (berry)" with cute pink paws will be added on July 1st.

Cat Sweets "Ironekote"
Reference image: Neko Sweets "Ironekote" with paws

"Momo (berry)", a new product of "Ironekote" to be released in July
"Ironekote" new product "peach (berry)" with sweet and sour cream

"Ironekote Ice", which will be on sale this time, has vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream sandwiched in the hands of cats. It seems that it is finished as a cool sweet for summer.

You can purchase it at the cafe "Blue Jin" on the 1st basement floor of the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka. The sale period is from July 1st to August 31st, 2016. The price is 250 yen each (tax included).
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