Bookstore-like hostel "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" will open in Kyoto this fall

The second store of the bookstore-like hostel "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" opens in Kyoto. You will be able to "fall asleep while reading a book" in the Kansai area as well.

Bookstore-like hostel "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" will open in Kyoto this fall
"BOOK AND BED TOKYO" will open in Kyoto this fall. Even in Kansai, you can fall asleep while reading a book (the image is from the first store).

The concept of "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" is "a bookstore where you can stay". Books are not sold, but you can stay in a room surrounded by bookshelves like a bookstore. There is also a bed embedded in the bookshelf, where you can experience sleeping in the bookshelf.

Bed embedded in a bookshelf
A bed embedded in the bookshelf is also available. Oh, Shinichi Hoshi complete works! (The image is from the first store)

Looking at the usage status of the first store (Ikebukuro) that is already in operation, 85% of all users are in their 20s and 30s according to age statistics, and 70% are women according to gender statistics. It can be seen that is used a lot. According to the statistics by purpose of use, domestic tourists account for 33% and suburbs in Tokyo account for 29%, while the ratio of overseas tourists is also high at 33%. Since "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" was originally a hostel targeted at foreign tourists visiting Japan, it is expected to be used by many overseas tourists in Kyoto as well.

30% of "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" passengers are overseas travelers
About 30% of the guests are foreigners visiting Japan (the image is from the first store)

According to the operator, "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" has "no fluffy mattresses, no memory foam pillows, no light and warm down comforters." A hostel for those who want to fall asleep while reading books and manga. But for those who like books, it will be a blissful place.

Simple bed (image is from the first store)

Even if you are not good at hostels, if you like books, you can stay without much resistance.

Shared washroom and toilet. Is this enough for people who "read books until morning"? (The image is from the first store)

The name will be "BOOK AND BED TOKYO Kyoto store". The opening date and location have not yet been announced.

BOOK AND BED TOKYO Kyoto store opens this fall