Doratch '16 -'17 Limited Edition

"Dratch '16 -'17 Limited Edition" has been released from the "Dratch" series of watches designed by Doraemon. A new product commemorating Doraemon's birthday on September 3rd.

The product is available in two models, "Perori" and "Toridori". The "Perori" model has a mechanism in which the expression of Doraemon drawn on the dial changes every day. Doraemon's tongue sticking out is said to point to today's date.

Dratch '16 -'17 Limited Edition "Perori" model

The "Toridori" model is designed so that the belt and bezel can be replaced. By changing the combination, you can enjoy the appearance of 20 patterns.

Dratch '16 -'17 Limited Edition "Toridori" model

Limited sale of 2,112 pieces of each model, named after Doraemon's birth year. The price is 21,120 yen (excluding tax). Reservations are accepted on the sales site "Lana Town" and will be shipped sequentially from the end of September.

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