Bandai "Chii-Kawa to Issho Mucha-Kawa Purple/Mucha-Kawa Pink

Chiikawatashi to Issho Muchakawa Purple/Muchakawa


Bandai Toy Division will sell "Chiikawashi to Issho Muchakawa Purple/Muchakawa Pink," an LCD game in which you can enjoy living with and befriend Chiikawas. They are priced at 7,150 yen each (tax included, same below). They will go on sale on August 5.


to Issho "Chiikawatashi to Issho" is an LCD game that lets you enjoy the world of "Chiikawatashi". By taking care of the Chiikawas, earning rewards through "labor" and getting items by shopping with the rewards earned, you can collect "memories" with the Chiikawas and get to know them better. The collected "memories" can be collected as short animations.

In addition to the Chiikawas, 25 kinds of familiar characters such as Armor and Momonga appear in the game. There are 20 kinds of costumes, 50 kinds of memories to collect, and more than 50 kinds of familiar items such as "Sasumata" and "Charimera".

Bandai "Chii-Kawa to Issho Mucha-Kawa Purple/Mucha-Kawa Pink


"Chiikaware," "Hachiware," and "Rabbit" can make friends by feeding and petting them in their respective homes. Sometimes they have parties at their houses and other characters come to play with them.


You will be rewarded for performing five types of labor based on the original story: "weed plucking," "dai shu," "sticker sticking," "factional punishment," and "big factional punishment. (The "weed whacker" and the "duster" are interchanged by time.)


You can meet various characters and get food at outings. There are three outings: "Wakimachi," "Game Center," and "Harappa," where you can play three different mini-games.


You can shop using the rewards you earn at the Laborers' Market. In addition to food and costumes, there are also special stores, such as the "Coffee Shop" and the "Ro", which appear only on special occasions.


You can look back on the short animated "memories" you collected while living with the Cheekawas. You can also check other items you have collected.

A DX set with a convenient strap will also be released at the same time. The price is 8,470 yen each.

Bandai "Chii-Kawa to Issho Mucha-Kawa Purple/Mucha-Kawa Pink

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