Sanko Neck Cooler Slim Cinnamoroll Model / Kuromi Model



Cooler Slim Cinnamoroll Model/Chromi


THANKO has released the "Neck Cooler Slim Cinnamoroll Model/Chromi Model" under the THANKO brand. Sold at the official THANKO online store, directly-managed stores, dealers, and e-commerce sites.

Neck Cooler Slim Cinnamoroll Model/Chromi Model

A wearable cooler that wraps around the neck, the Neck Cooler series created by THANKO in 2015 has surpassed 1 million units in total. 2022 saw the release of the Neck Cooler Slim and the popular Sanrio characters "Cinnamoroll" and "Kuromi. Limited edition models with "Cinnamoroll" and "Kuromi" will be available.

Sanko Neck Cooler Slim Cinnamoroll Model / Kuromi Model

Sanko Neck Cooler Slim Cinnamoroll Model / Kuromi Model

When set on the neck and turned on, the plate part cools down in about 2 seconds, and the cooled plate touches the neck to provide a cool and refreshing sensation. Two designs are available: Cinnamoroll (white) and Kuromi (black). Two types of plates are included, one with printed characters and the other plain. The plates can be changed to match your clothes or mood.

The cooling system uses the Peltier cooling method, the same as that used in small refrigerators. The cooling system cools when electricity is applied, so it can be used for long periods of time without losing cooling efficiency. The plate temperature is approximately -17°C in the high mode and approximately -8.5°C in the low mode compared to the outside temperature. Fluctuation mode automatically cycles between high and low to maintain the cool sensation.

Rechargeable and rechargeable via USB. It can also be used by connecting a mobile battery with a USB cable. (When using a mobile battery, the 10000mAh battery can be used for approximately 5 hours and 15 minutes in high mode and 10 hours and 30 minutes in low mode.) Weighing only 220g (7.76oz), it is comfortable even when worn for long periods of time. It is waterproof and can be used in the rain.


・Size/Min: W130 x H45 x D80 (mm) Max: W160 x H45 x D160 (mm)
・Weight/Main unit: approx. 140g (4.94oz) Dedicated battery: approx. 80g (2.82oz)
・Accessories/Main unit, dedicated battery, USB Type-C cable, Accessories / Main unit, dedicated battery, USB Type-C cable, 2 types of original plates (left and right), Japanese instruction manual
・Size of neck circumference / Min: approx. 37cm, Max: approx. 50cm
・Power source / dedicated battery (3.7V / 2000mAh / Li-ion)
・Mode / strong mode / weak mode / fluctuation mode
・Cooling plate temperature / strong mode: -10 to -17°C from outside temperature Weak mode: -4 to -8.5°C below outside temperature
* Measured at 35°C outside temperature. Temperatures may vary depending on the operating environment.
Recommended operating environment: Outside temperature 35°C or lower *If the temperature exceeds 36°C, the cooling plate may not cool properly or the main unit may become warm.
・Cable length: approx. 120 cm (total length)
・Use time: With dedicated battery: High mode: approx. 1 hour Low mode: approx. 2 hours
Mobile battery (sold separately): High mode: approx. 5 hours 15 minutes Low mode: approx. 10 hours 30 minutes
* With 10.000mAh mobile battery
* Depends on the capacity of the mobile battery (sold separately) in high mode.
Depends on the ambient environment.
Dedicated battery charging time / approx. 4 hours (depends on environment)
・Dust proof and waterproof rating / IP33 ・Material / Body: ABS Cooling plate: aluminum
・Packing size Weight / W 182 x H 230 x D 63(mm) / Approx. 315g (11.11oz)
・Warranty / 12 months from purchase date
・Launch date / 2023/6/30
・Model Number / Cinnamoroll (White): NC22SSSWH
Chromi (Black): NC22MKSBK
・JAN/Cinnamoroll (White): 4580060596850
Chromi (Black): 4580060596898