Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
"Why only now ~"

Ingredients home delivery net supermarket "Oisix" and Sanrio's popular character "Gudetama" collaborate only in the summer. The menu kit "Kit Oisix" that allows you to make Gudetama menus was released today (July 28).

The author who has made pudding because he likes Gudetama too much before. As a fan, I couldn't miss it this time, so I asked Mr. Oisix to make it as soon as possible!

Kit Oisix is a menu kit that includes the necessary ingredients and recipes. The content is that you can make a main dish and side dish with plenty of vegetables in 20 minutes, and this time the concept of not using fire has been added.

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
Time saving menu kit "Kit Oisix"

Soboro bowl without using fire

Vegetables, meat, seasonings, etc. are packaged in the kit. Some vegetables are pre-cut, giving the impression that the time and effort required for preparation is reduced as much as possible. It's helpful because it contains as much ingredients as you need, which you don't usually use often. You need to prepare rice and basic seasonings such as salt and soy sauce by yourself.

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
No need to go shopping

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
Oh, I'll be saved ~

First of all, start with the side dish "lightly pickled vegetables of three colors". The recipe also describes the procedure for making efficiently, so even beginners can rest assured.

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
The recipe is full of gudetama!

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
Lightly pickled in a plastic bag makes it easy to clean up afterwards

Next, we will start with the main dish, "Gudetama Nose! Soboro Don without using fire." Use a microwave oven for cooking. It's hard to boil somen in the hot summer kitchen, but I could do it without sweating.

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
Microwave meat and vegetables

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
The garlic is grated so you can't smell it!

Finally, insert the hot spring egg and complete. Hyahho ~ Delicious ~!

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"

Gudetama figure
"Gudetama?" * Figures are not included in the kit

Gudetama also make it yourself

Hmm ... that's right. The point of this menu is "Gudetama nose!" Cut the included seasoned seaweed to make Gudetama's eyes and mouth. It seems that there are tips such as "put the glue out of the bag in advance" and "cut it with a wrap", but the author concentrates Gudetama love on his hands and goes on with it. Oh, it's better to use scissors that can be cut into small pieces, such as those for sewing.

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
Scissors with a narrow tip are recommended

Surprisingly, the balance between eyes and mouth is important for Gudetama. Let's arrange it carefully until the end ... I did it by hand this time, but if it is difficult to do it, I recommend using bamboo skewers or tweezers.

Come on, come on, how about it? Why does it look so ugly ?! This time, it's time to go!

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"

Soboro and garlic seasoned with Tianmian sauce are definitely a combination that stimulates your appetite. You can enjoy the mellowness of the eggs by entwining them. Lightly pickled sesame oil was also a good chopstick rest, and I ate it easily.

Note: 20 minutes with “Gudetama”

By the way, it took 25 minutes to cook while shooting, so it seems that the menu itself can be done in 20 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes to make Gudetama from there. Making Gudetama will surely make you excited, but you can decide whether or not to do it. You can enjoy a lot of illustrations!

The appeal of this kit is that it's really easy to make, but you can really feel that you made it yourself. Even if you get tired and go home, you can quickly make a splendid menu, which is a great help even after going out during the summer vacation.

Vegetables are delicious

By the way, I was completely absorbed in it once in a while, but as expected, the oisix and vegetables are fresh and have a strong taste. The lightly pickled seasoning is very simple, salt and soy sauce, but you can really eat it.

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
It may be clearer than buying at the supermarket

Bonus: The box is also insanely cute

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
It's a box!

By the way, the delivery box is also a Gudetama specification. There is also a place called "To such a place !?", so please look for it and have fun!

Gudetama collaboration "Kit Oisix"
Eggs are cracks

The price of the kit introduced this time is 1,380 yen (excluding tax) for two people. It will be on sale for a limited time until August 18th. For those of you who are hot and unmotivated and look like Gudetama, why don't you think about the menu once in a while?
Gudetama x Oisix