Happy set "Moomin" from McDonald's
The quality was better than I expected

"Happy set" Moomin "" will be offered at each McDonald's store from today (August 5th).

This is the first time that Moomin, which is still loved all over the world, appears in Happy Meal, celebrating its 70th anniversary last year. I thought, "Is it a toy for children?", But in a good way, I was disappointed, so I would like to introduce the whole picture.

Picture book written for this time

This Happy Meal comes with a Moomin picture book. A total of 6 books, a "story book" and a "playable picture book," are prepared, all of which are originals written by the Moomin Characters authors Lina and Sami Carla. It is nice to decorate as an interior.

Happy set "Moomin" from McDonald's
Storybook to be sold from August 5th

Happy set "Moomin" from McDonald's
A glimpse of the fun life of the Moominvalley

Happy set "Moomin" from McDonald's
"Playable picture books" to be sold from August 12th

Happy set "Moomin" from McDonald's
You can play here in a maze or looking for pictures.

Matching plates

This alone will make you want enough, but this time we also have an original plate that you can get with Happy Meal + 490 yen (tax included)!

Happy set "Moomin" from McDonald's
You can get this for 500 yen ...

The diameter of the plate is 17 cm, and there are three types of designs linked to the picture book. You can purchase one per set. It's in a special box, so it looks good as a gift.

In addition, each picture book and plate will end as soon as they are gone. If you are interested, please do so as soon as possible!