"DEAN & DELUCA" fruit bakery
A little extravagant cold bread

A summer morning awakened by the chorus of cicadas and the heat and humidity. I think there are many people who don't have a good appetite with the usual toast and hot coffee.

The fruit bakery sold at the food select shop "DEAN & DELUCA" is perfect for such a summer morning. Bread that is eaten "chilled" with luxuriously cut fruits.

"DEAN & DELUCA" fruit bakery
Sold at the chilled corner, not at the bakery

There are two types of lineup, "juicy peach bread" and "juicy melon bread". The filling of the peach bread is filled with white peach compote and cream, and when you bite it, the sweetness of the peach spreads throughout your mouth. Chopped orange peel is kneaded into the soft bread dough for a bittersweet accent.

"DEAN & DELUCA" juicy peach bread
I feel very happy when I sip a vanilla-scented peach

On the other hand, inside the melon bread is red ball melon and cream. The flesh is used as it is, so the sweetness is modest, but the fragrant melon has a rich taste. The accented lemon peel is also refreshing.

"DEAN & DELUCA" juicy melon bread
Modest sweetness melon pulp is the leading role

Both are priced at 300 yen (excluding tax) and are limited-time products until August 31st. If you wake up with cold bread, you will feel good in the summer morning.