Lana "Disney Classic Study Book"
Is Alice Parisi?

Lana has released the "Disney Classic Study Book," which is a design of Disney's popular movie works. It can be purchased at the official online shop "Lana Town" and variety shops.

The Disney Classic study journal has a lineup of 10 types, including the princess series such as Cinderella and Snow White, and the popular character "Winnie the Pooh." Words expressing each work are written in the index.

Lana "Disney Classic Study Book"
"I'm hungry" ... what is it ...

In addition, 10 types of "Disney / Pixar study books" designed by Pixar Animation Studio are also available. Woody & Buzz combination "Yujo" and Mike & Sally's "Nakama" also have a word sense unique to each work.

Lana "Disney / Pixar Study Book"
Some study books come with Jean

Lana "Disney / Pixar Study Book"
Pun ... isn't it?

The inside is plain white B5 size and can be used for various purposes from private to work. The price is 410 yen (tax included) per book.

(C) Disney
(C) Disney.Based on the “Winnie the Pooh” works by AA Milne and EHShepard.
(C) Disney / Pixar