"Pon Juice" (Distributor: Ehime Beverage)
Speaking of Ehime ...

Travel information magazine "Jalan" announced "10 best local souvenirs [Ehime prefecture edition]" on September 27th. There is a wide variety of souvenirs such as seafood and sweets derived from Nanban culture.

The ranking is based on a questionnaire conducted from April 15th to 17th, 2016. Under the theme of "delicious souvenirs that locals want to recommend to people in other prefectures," 100 men and women (20-69 years old) living in Ehime Prefecture have responded.

"Pon Juice" (sold by: Ehime Beverage) was selected as the first place. It is said that it is a rich juice that is a blend of orange juice with a refreshing scent and Satsuma mandarin juice, which has a good balance of acidity and sweetness, in the optimum ratio. It is said that it has been evaluated as "a taste different from other 100% juices" due to its fresh citrus aroma and richness.

"Pon Juice" (Distributor: Ehime Beverage)
First place is "Pon Juice"

The second place was "Poe'me" (sold by: Poe'me). A sweet scented biscuit dough combined with a soft yellow bean paste. The taste reminds me of the kindness of my mother, so it was named "the dream taste of my mother's grace." Butter is used for the lighter dough. The bean paste inside is a mixture of carefully cooked white beans and fresh egg yolk.

"Poe'me" (Distributor: Poe'me)
Second place is "Poe'me"

The third place was "Shikoku Famous Confectionery Ichiroku Tart" (sold by: Ichiroku Honpo). A namagashi made by wrapping a slightly yuzu-flavored bean paste with a fine sponge. It is said that the first Matsuyama feudal lord of the Hisamatsu family, Sadayuki Matsudaira, brought back the manufacturing method in the early Edo period and spread it to Matsuyama.

"Shikoku Famous Confectionery Ichiroku Tart" (Distributor: Ichiroku Honpo)
3rd place is "Shikoku Famous Confectionery 16 Tart"

The souvenirs ranked 4th to 10th are as follows.

4th place Handmade Jakoten (Distributor: Yasuoka Kamaboko)
5th place Bocchan dumpling (Distributor: Utsuboya)
5th place Kiri no Mori Daifuku (Distributor: Kiri no Mori Confectionery Studio)
7th place Hatada chestnut tart (Distributor: Hatada Honpo)
8th place Yamadaya Manju (Distributor: Yamadaya Manju)
9th place Light ink sheep (Distributor: Nakano Honpo)
10th place Uwajima Taimeshinomoto (Distributor: Kadoya)

In addition to this, various local "best 10 delicious souvenirs" are announced on the site "Jalan News" operated by Jalan. Check it out before you travel and use it as a souvenir.