Air purifier "Blue by Blueair"
Air purifier with beautiful Scandinavian design

The new series "Blue by Blueair" was released on September 30th from the Swedish air purifier brand "Blueair". A casual model with high power and reasonable price.

It features a large air volume that sucks a large amount of air from the suction port mounted in all directions 360 degrees at the bottom of the main body and discharges it through a unique filter of about 4.4 m 2. It seems to correspond to a space of up to 47 tatami mats (JEMA standard).

Air purifier "Blue by Blueair"
A large amount of air is sucked from all directions

Air purifier "Blue by Blueair"
Clean through an oversized filter

The main body size is W330 x H516 x D330 mm. You can choose from two types of filters: "Blue Pure221 Particles", which specializes in high-speed cleaning, and "Blue Pure221 Particles and Carbon," which also has a deodorizing function.

Air purifier "Blue by Blueair"
Operation is one button

The price at the official store is 54,500 yen for particles and 58,500 yen for particle and carbon (both tax excluded).

In addition, the standard series "Blueair Classic" will be renewed and will be on sale from mid-November. In addition to improving the suction port and outlet, it is said that it can be linked with the dedicated smartphone application "Blueair Friend" by supporting Wi-Fi.

Blue air "Blue air Classic" renewal
Renewal for the first time in 6 years since it first appeared in Japan