TripAdvisor "World Egg Consumption Ranking"

TripAdvisor has released the infographic "World Egg Consumption Ranking". The annual per capita egg consumption (*) and typical egg dishes in each country are introduced.

TripAdvisor "World Egg Consumption Ranking"

Mexico has the highest consumption of "352 pieces". "Uebos Rancheros" is mentioned as one of the typical egg dishes. It's a dish of tortillas topped with eggs and salsa and simmered, and it's a staple of breakfast.

The second place is Malaysia with "343 pieces". "Me Bandung Muar" is mentioned as one of the typical egg dishes. It is a noodle dish with eggs in a spicy soup containing spices, vegetables, meat and shrimp.

Japan came in 3rd place with "329". "Egg over rice" is introduced as one of the typical egg dishes. There is an explanation that "raw eggs are eaten over rice with seasonings such as salty sauce."

On the other hand, countries with low consumption include Brazil (168), Cyprus (175) and Switzerland (178). Consumption was only about half that of the top three countries.

The infographic shows some other egg dishes from each country. There is also a rough explanation of how to cook, so if you like cooking, why not check it out?

* Per capita figures for 2014. The Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil use 2013 statistics.