Peach John "Miracle Nudy Bra"
It looks like a normal bra, but ...?

A new product "Miracle Nudy Bra" that seems to overturn the common sense of brassiere was released by Peach John on October 5th. Due to special specifications, it is easy to wear and wash. The main features are as follows.

■ "Miracle Gummy Wire" that bends like a gummy
We use "Miracle Gummy Wire" which is made by processing a kind of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) called "Flexi-wire" by compression & injection technology. It doesn't break no matter how many times you bend it, and it fits any movement of your body. In addition, it has been proved that "it never breaks even if it is washed in a washing machine".

Miracle Nudy Bra
Fits body movements

■ "Miracle lace" that does not fray even if cut
Uses a special specification "Miracle lace" that does not fray even when cut. It is said that it is a tough fabric that can be thrown into the washing machine as it is. Because it is seamless, you can enjoy a fit that seems to be integrated with your skin.

■ Industry's first "miracle hook" without uneven hooks
Since it uses a new "Miracle Hook" that does not have uneven hooks, it can be washed in the washing machine as it is without putting it in the net. You only have to slide while pushing when fastening.

Miracle Nudy Bra "Miracle Hook"
New "Miracle Hook" without uneven hooks

The selling price is 3,280 yen (excluding tax). Available in four colors: baby pink, mustard, navy, and black.