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MyVoiceCom conducts a questionnaire survey on salty sauce. The results of asking about 11,000 men and women about the frequency of use, storage method, and particulars are summarized.

■ 40% of people use "almost every day"
41.3% of people say that they use salty soy sauce at home "almost every day", and more than 20% say "4-5 times a week" and "2-3 times a week". Looking at the ratio of "almost every day" by age group, it was over 20% for those in their 20s, but 50% for those in their 50s and above.

■ The most is "Koikuchi soy sauce"
When we asked soy sauce users about the soy sauce they use at home, the most common type was "koikuchi soy sauce" (63.0%), followed by "lightly salty soy sauce" (25.6%), followed by "reduced salt soy sauce" and "whole soy sauce". "Soy sauce with soy sauce" and "Sashimi soy sauce" followed in the 10% range. Regarding "light soy sauce" and "sashimi soy sauce", the ratio tended to be high in western Japan and low in eastern Japan.

Among manufacturers, "Kikkoman" (64.5%) was the most popular, followed by "Yamasa soy sauce" and "Higashimaru soy sauce" at 10 to 20%. By region, following "Kikkoman", eastern Japan (Hokkaido / Tohoku / Kanto / Hokuriku) is "Yamasa soy sauce", Chubu is "Ichibiki", Kinki / Chugoku / Shikoku is "Higashimaru soy sauce", and Kyushu is "Fundokin soy sauce". (Excluding "other manufacturers").

■ Is Western Japan more particular about "proper use"?
When asked about the proper use of salty soy sauce, 53.8% of the respondents said that they often use the same type of soy sauce regardless of the purpose, and 53.8% said that they often use different types of soy sauce depending on the purpose (37.2%). It surpassed the person who said. In western Japan, more than half of the respondents "use different types of soy sauce depending on the purpose" and in eastern Japan, more than half of them "use the same type of soy sauce regardless of the purpose".

My Voicecom "Use of salty sauce properly"

Nearly half of the people who "store in the refrigerator"
When asked how to store after opening the salty soy sauce users on the market, 47.5% answered "store in the refrigerator", "store at room temperature" and "store in a cool and dark place". Was just over 30% each. In Tohoku and Hokuriku, "stored at room temperature" was the most common.

My Voicecom "How to Save Salty Sauce"

■ Being particular and careful
The following comments were also received from the respondents regarding their particularity and being careful.

・ By properly using salty soy sauce according to the cooking style such as Japanese style, Western style, and Chinese food, the original taste of salty soy sauce can be brought out. (Male, 21 years old)
・ Rather than using it as it is, it is often used in simmered dishes, so it is better to heat it to make it delicious. (Male, 46 years old)
・ The pump type is easy to use, so I buy it every time. (Female, 29 years old)
・ When you want to finish the color beautifully, use light soy sauce. (Female, 45 years old)
・ Be careful not to open the package for a long time. (Female, 69 years old)

The survey was conducted from September 1st to 5th, 2016 in the form of an internet survey. The respondents were 11,509 men and women in their teens to 50s or older. Of these, 5,998 were men and 5,511 were women.