Seibu Railway "Hashitetsu 9000 series RED LUCKY TRAIN"
Departure progress to the table!

Seibu Railway will release the chopsticks "Hashitetsu 9000 series RED LUCKY TRAIN" with the motif of a train vehicle. Pre-sale will start at "Seibu Train Festival 2016 in Yokose" held on November 5th, and will be on sale at the station Naka convenience store "TOMONY" from November 12th.

Hashi iron series that 2000 series and 30000 series vehicles have appeared so far. Taking advantage of the shape of the chopsticks, you can enjoy a design with a sense of speed that makes you feel like a train is approaching.

Seibu Railway Hashi Iron Series
"Hashitetsu" released in February this year

The motif of this time, "RED LUCKY TRAIN", is a 9000 series vehicle with auspicious red and white colors such as a red body and white lines. Keihin Electric Express Railway's "Keikyu Yellow Happy Train" is said to have been born in response to a love call from the company, triggered by the fact that it resembles a 9000 series vehicle.

The total length is 19.5 cm. The price is 648 yen (tax included).