Cado Air Purifier Star Wars Model
Clean your surroundings by car, in the room

From the home appliance brand "cado", the portable air purifier "Cado Air Purifier Star Wars Model" designed with the character of the movie "Star Wars" will be released on November 30th. Limited quantity.

Cado Air Purifier Star Wars Model
Beautiful seamless aluminum body

This product is a compact air purifier that is about the same size as a 500ml (16.91us fl oz) drink bottle. It is equipped with a compact high-performance filter that decomposes dirt adsorbed on the filter into carbon dioxide, and a self-cleaning function for the filter using photocatalytic technology.

There are three types of lineup: "Darth Vader", "R2-D2", and "C-3PO". In addition to the car DC adapter and USB cord, a Cado original stainless steel bottle designed with "Death Star" to commemorate the release of the model is also included.

Cado Air Purifier Star Wars Model
With a cool original bottle

The main body size is 66 mm in diameter x 180 mm in height and weighs 400 g. The price is 25,000 yen (excluding tax).