The US online shopping site Hammacher Schlemmer sells "The Darth Vader Humidifier". Star Wars' popular character "Darth Vader" has become a highly functional humidifier.

Darth Vader Humidifier "The Darth Vader Humidifier"
Darth Vader Humidifier "The Darth Vader Humidifier"

"The Darth Vader Humidifier" is a desktop humidifier that imitates Darth Vader. A tank that holds about 2 liters of water is hidden inside, and it humidifies while spraying a fine mist from the top of the helmet.

Darth Vader humidifier is also highly functional. The amount of ejection can be set in 10 stages, and it can be operated for up to 12 hours. Equipped with an automatic OFF function, you can use it with confidence even when you sleep.

The size is about H30 x W18 x D15 cm. It weighs about 1.3 kg. It costs $ 99.95 and requires an additional $ 75.95 shipping.

In addition to Darth Vader, Hammacher Schlemmer also sells "R2-D2" humidifiers. The size and price are the same as Darth Vader.