Kai's omelet cover and iron frying pan

From the brand "oec" developed by Kai, new products "iron frying pan 25 cm (with lid)" and "cover for omelet" will be released sequentially from the beginning of March.

"Oec" is a brand jointly developed with cooking researcher Masayo Waki. We have basic tools such as kitchen knives and kitchen tools, centering on pots and frying pans suitable for use in IH cookers.

The outline of the two products to be released is as follows. The listed price does not include tax.

■ oec Iron frying pan 25cm (with lid) (list price 10,000 yen)
A frying pan suitable for grilled bibimbap and steak. Since the bottom is as thick as 2.3 mm, thick meat such as steak meat can be grilled slowly while being colored. Since the handle is also made of heat-resistant resin, it can be cooked in the oven as it is. Compatible with all heat sources including IH cookers. The size is length 43.0 x width 26.2 x height 11.5 cm.

o.e.c. Iron frying pan

■ oec omelet cover (list price 3,000 yen)
A cover exclusively for the oec brand "Tamagoyaki". Since the cover part has a height of 2.7 cm, it can be used even if you put an L size egg in the omelet. By using the cover, the omelet will have a moist finish. It is also suitable for cooking boiled eggs, oyakodon, and dumplings. The size is 20.0 length x 14.8 width x 5.1 cm height.

o.e.c. Cover for omelet

Kai's omelet cover and iron frying pan
For exclusive use of the existing product "Tamagoyaki"