Kai's kitchen tool series "Broad Beans"
A colorful lineup inspired by the colors of vegetables and fruits

Seven products such as peeling and juicer are now available in Kai's kitchen tool series "BroadBeans". It will be on sale from March 8th.

BroadBeans is a kitchen tool series that has been well received for its cute design and reasonable price range. The handle of the tool has gentle irregularities that resemble a "broad bean bunch," and is said to be easy to fit in your hand and easy to grip.

The lineup of new products is as follows. The listed price does not include tax.

Peel citrus (500 yen)
A tool that allows you to comfortably peel citrus fruits, which is troublesome by hand. Useful when you want to eat a lot or make jam.

Kai "Peeling Citrus"
The thick outer skin

Kai "Peeling Citrus"
Easy to use thin skin

Pineapple knife (750 yen) that can make vessels
A knife for cutting pineapple nuts cleanly from the skin. The blade has a curved shape that easily follows the skin, and it seems that it can be cut more easily and cleanly than using a kitchen knife or a general fruit knife. Useful for making gorgeous party menus such as fruit platters.

Kai "Pineapple knife that can make vessels"

Kai "Pineapple knife that can make vessels"
Beautiful fruit

Grapefruit juicer (600 yen) that can be squeezed firmly with light force
A newly designed grapefruit squeezer that pursues ease of squeezing. By shifting the height and position of the sharpening in consideration of the rotation when squeezing, the flesh can be firmly grasped and the juice can be squeezed with a light force.

Kai "Grapefruit juicer that can be squeezed firmly with light force"
Designed to firmly grasp and squeeze the flesh

Easy pumpkin peeler (850 yen)
A peeler that allows you to work with a sense of security because the ingredients are peeled off with a non-slip and blade. Besides pumpkin, it can be used for taro, potatoes, apples, etc. Designed to be disassembled into two after use and stored compactly. The main body on the blade side can be used as a normal peeler, and the non-slip side can be used as a seeding pumpkin.

Kai "Easy Pumpkin Peeler"
Peel comfortably with a non-slip

Hassle-free potato masher (500 yen) * Scheduled to be released on March 21 A masher that allows you to crush boiled potatoes at once with the skin on. When you press the potatoes, you can crush them, leaving only the skin on one side. Can be used on cutting boards, countertops, bowls, pots, etc.

Kai "Potato Smasher without hassle"
Mechanism that only the skin remains on one side

Cabbage peeler (750 yen)
A wide-sized peeler that can quickly shred cabbage. Since the blade is slanted, you can start cutting smoothly. It can also be used for onion slices.

Kai "Cabbage Peeler"
Wide size and quick shredding of large cabbage

Seeding of cherries (750 yen)
A tool that allows you to easily remove seeds by putting cherries in the dents and grasping the handle. It makes preparation easier when making cherry pies, jams, fruit liquors, etc. It can be seeded without losing its shape, so it is also useful when preparing cherries as a snack for small children. It can also be used for seeding olives.

Kai "Cherry Seeding"
A mechanism to take seeds just by holding the handle