Iris Ohyama "Clothing Steamer"
Great success on a busy morning!

Iris Ohyama will release a "clothing steamer" on April 20th that can smooth out wrinkles while hanging clothes on a hanger. The reference price is 8,980 yen (excluding tax).

A stable amount of steam is continuously ejected, and it is characterized by being able to smooth out wrinkles in a short time without getting clothes wet even in a busy morning. Especially for areas where wrinkles are a concern, you can use it together with an ironing board to clean it like a normal iron.

The water supply tank is a removable type that prevents the main body from getting wet. It also has deodorizing and sterilizing effects, and can be widely used for clothing such as coats that are difficult to wash at home, and cloth products such as curtains and sofas.

Iris Ohyama "Clothing Steamer"
The tank capacity is 60 ml, and it seems that it can operate continuously for about 5 and a half minutes.

The main body size is W16.5 x D7 x H13 cm, and weighs about 790 g. Dedicated stand, dedicated mittens, and measuring cup are included.

Iris Ohyama "Clothing Steamer"
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