Backscratcher of Laputa Castle in the Sky
Did you pick the flowers for the grave?

A backscratcher with the motif of a garden-type robot soldier from Studio Ghibli's "Castle in the Sky" has appeared. It will be released by Movic in mid-August. The price is 1,500 yen (excluding tax).

A robot soldier who keeps protecting the garden of Laputa, a castle floating in the sky, gently presents it to Theta ... Only the arm of the scene that impresses everyone who sees the work is reproduced as a backscratcher .. Made of PP resin, it has a "gentle scratching feel".

The size is 5.7 x 30 cm. Reservations are also being accepted at the company's official online shop.

Backscratcher of Laputa Castle in the Sky
Good ...

(C) Studio Ghibli