Spring new color "Sakura" from turtle child sponge

A new spring color "Sakura" has appeared from "Kameko Sponge". It will be on sale from the beginning of March. The price is 300 yen per piece (excluding tax).

Kamenoko Sponge is a sponge characterized by its high antibacterial effect due to silver ion antibacterial agents and good drainage and foam drainage. Since no non-woven fabric is attached, it can be used on both sides without peeling off. The thickness is set to 27 mm, which makes it easy for women with small hands to use. Color variations include "white", "gray", and "yellow". In the fall of 2017, "Coffee" and "Cafe au lait" are also available as limited edition colors.

The new color "Sakura" is a pale pink color that is close to white. In connection with the theme, the star mark in the center has been changed to the design of cherry blossom petals.