Hello, this is my favorite home editorial department.

"Enuchi" publishes lifestyle news for women every day, but when we aggregated the popular articles this year, the top 10 were all Hundred yen store stories . With a consumption tax hike planned for 2019, is there more and more interest in Hundred yen stores? Below, I would like to look back on useful information for next year's shopping! * Edited based on the number of accesses by article published from January to December 2018

1st place Daiso's cased laundry soap is superbly easy to use! After use, it can also be used in the "Utamaro" case.

Daiso "Falling V Eri / Sleeve Washing Soap"

A life hack that the case of "Falling V Eri Sode Washing Soap" sold at Daiso was perfect for the case of the long-selling product "Utamaro Soap". Everyone, like the author, was stubborn with it directly ...

2nd place Consumables should be 100%! 6 repeat buying items from the editorial department

100 paper towels

Consumables with a moderate amount of content that match the price of 100 yen are perfect for homes that do not have much storage. Some things are cheaper than that "business supermarket", so it's really helpful.

3rd place fits comfortably in a bag ♪ Daiso "Slim Bottle" is a revolutionary child in the my bottle world

Daiso slim bottle

My bottle has growing needs due to heat stroke countermeasures and disaster prevention awareness. Daiso's "Slim Bottle" can carry a 350ml (11.83us fl oz) capacity in a size that is almost the same as a paperback book. Recommended for people with small bags.

For a sink that can be mistaken for 100 yen in 4th place! Why many people change to Celia's "drainage cover"

Celia's "drainage cover"

Stainless steel drain cover for most domestic sinks. Not only is the dust catcher hard to see and stylish, but the flat shape makes cleaning a mess. If you're having trouble washing plastic or rubber covers, change it now!

5th place Once you use it, you can't let go! Hundred yen store "S-shaped hook that does not fall" is stress-free and super comfortable

Hundred yen store S-shaped hook that does not fall

An S-shaped hook with a carabiner-like structure on one side. The hook does not fall with you when you hook or remove something. It's a sober item in the hook corner, but when I found it, I was shocked to discover universal gravitation.

The 6th place and below are as follows.

6th place Daiso's 300 yen drink dispenser looks and functions more than the price--lightweight and washable!
7th place A new idea that does not collect garbage. Keep the sink clean with Daiso's silicone "drainage dust catcher cover"!
8th most popular! Ceria's white A5 drawer that you can add as much as you like--collect stationery and outing goods
9th place Just put it on a stick! Effective use of dead space with Daiso's "shelf for tension rods"
10th place sold out one after another! How do you use Daiso's "Illustration Marker"? Review the differences with Copic

How was it? If you read it together with the article "100 items carefully selected by the editorial department" introduced the other day, you will surely be able to get 100 items. And in 2019, the editorial staff will keep you informed of real life news, so thank you!