Frozen food recommended for lunch
Eat and compare frozen side dishes for lunch

The author who had been making bento boxes for a long time with his childhood. Since my mother was working, I sometimes got side dishes of frozen foods, but my favorite side dishes are still memorable.

Frozen side dishes that can be thawed immediately in a microwave oven as much as you need in a small pack (mostly naturally thawed these days) and are easy to store are the savior in case of emergency! Therefore, this time, we will investigate the products that we would like to recommend to those who make lunches for their families and themselves, and that they can keep on hand without any loss.

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Frozen food for lunch

I visited 4 supermarkets in Tokyo and chose 9 frozen foods that were relatively easy to get at any store. I decided the TOP 5 based on the editorial department's discretion and prejudice, considering not only the taste but also the ease of putting it in the lunch box.

・ Nichirei crispy spring roll ・ Nichirei beef croquette with crispy clothes ・ Chicken from Nichirei ・ Nissui University potato ・ Nissui Chikuwa isobe fried ・ Ajinomoto prepuri shrimp Shumai ・ Ajinomoto Western restaurant lunch hamburger ・ Maruha Nichiro (Sweet and sour sauce)

1st place Ajinomoto Shrimp Shumai

Ajinomoto Shrimp Shumai
Ajinomoto Shrimp Shumai 12 pieces

A long-selling product that I have had since I was a child. The crisp shrimp and habit-free seasoning are delicious regardless of whether you are a child or an adult. The point is that it is easy to balance with the main side dish because it is a small size that fits in a small gap.

Ajinomoto Shrimp Shumai
Add color with pink shrimp

2nd place Keyes Meatball

Keyes domestic meat meatballs (sweet and sour sauce)
Keyes meatballs (sweet and sour sauce) 5 pieces x 2 bags

The sweet and sour sauce with ketchup and the tender meat are familiar and the rice goes on. The small size that is easy for children to eat is ◎ (adults may need a number).

Keyes domestic meat meatballs (sweet and sour sauce)
As expected, the top manufacturer of frozen meatballs

Keyes domestic meat meatballs (sweet and sour sauce)
About the size of a cherry tomato

3rd place Western-style restaurant lunch hamburger

Ajinomoto Western-style restaurant lunch box hamburger
Ajinomoto Western-style restaurant lunch box hamburger 4 pieces

The rich demiglace sauce that has been fried for 3 hours is insanely delicious! Even though it is a mini size that is easy to eat, you can enjoy a fairly authentic hamburger steak.

Ajinomoto Western-style restaurant lunch box hamburger
This is the day when there is no leading role

4th place Nichirei beef croquette

Nichirei beef croquette
Nichirei batter is crispy beef croquette 6 pieces

A croquette that is crispy and fried, but is not persistent, and you can enjoy the sweetness of cold food and the delicious taste of meat. It is also recommended to sandwich it in a roll to make a croquette sandwich.

Nichirei beef croquette
Classic croquette that is easy to arrange

5th place Shrimp and cheese gratin

Maruha Nichiro Shrimp and Cheese Gratin
Maruha Nichiro shrimp and cheese gratin with 4 cups

A mini gratin that comes in a cup and is easy to put in a lunch box. The mellow white sauce gently combines macaroni, shrimp, and cheese, making it delicious for everyone. The evaluation point is the fun idea that there is a fortune-telling at the bottom after eating.

Maruha Nichiro Shrimp and Cheese Gratin
As a side dish for sandwiches and bread days

Maruha Nichiro Shrimp and Cheese Gratin
With Kuma-chan's fortune-telling

Below, I'm out of the TOP5, but all of them were of high quality, so I'd like to give you a brief review.

◆ Nissui University Imo

Nissui University Imo
Perfect for snacks

Daigaku-imo was quite lost in 5th place. You can enjoy the crispy outside and the sweetness of the sweetness inside, and it is a delicious dish to eat as a snack. The skin is a little too hard, and it is unfortunately out of the rank in terms of whether it will be a side dish.

◆ Nissui Chikuwa fried on the beach

Nissui Chikuwa fried on the beach

The lunch box had a slightly oily impression, but the scent of the sea lettuce shore was firmly felt, which made me appetite, and the chikuwa was also delicious and highly evaluated. It is also recommended for udon toppings.

◆ Nichirei fried chicken

Nichirei fried chicken

It's more like a nugget than fried chicken, but the flesh is juicy. It goes well with ketchup and mayonnaise.

◆ Nichirei crispy spring rolls

Nichirei crispy spring rolls

If you leave it for a while after heating, the skin will become crispy. By the way, I haven't seen any other spring rolls, so I feel a solid position. It's usually delicious, but I'm still happy if it has a little more ingredients.

Bento is well-balanced

I'm just impressed with the high quality of frozen foods in Japan, but since it is responsible for one meal a day, it is important to keep in mind a well-balanced content without relying too much on frozen foods. Personally, I feel that freshly made vegetable side dishes are the most delicious than frozen foods.

Pre-made Kinpira burdock
Make good use of it

It would be great if my family could bring back an empty lunch box. Please make good use of it so that making your lunch will not be a burden!