Autumn limited colors for Canmake "Colorful Nails"

Autumn limited edition colors are now available in Canmake's colorful nails. Review 3 colors that are perfect for autumn with a calm atmosphere!

Colorful nails

A nail color that is easy to apply, glossy, and quick-drying. You can apply nails neatly with an easy-to-hold cap and a flat brush. It is resistant to rubbing and has a long-lasting glossy and wet texture. The price is 396 yen (tax included).

Autumn limited colors for Canmake "Colorful Nails"

Autumn limited colors

◆ N46 Cloudy Sky
White gray with a slight pink tinge. An exquisite shade that solves the problem of "pure white is too bright, but dark gray is too dark". It goes well with any color, so if you have one, you can have a wide variety of self-nail.

Canmake "Colorful Nails N46 Cloudy Sky"

◆ N47 Dusky Purple
Grayish purple with a sophisticated atmosphere. Apply once for a transparent finish, and apply twice for a solid color. The dark color seems to be useful not only for everyday use but also for Halloween nails.

Canmake "Colorful Nails N47 Dusky Purple"

◆ N48 Hazy Moon
Clear black with sparkling red pearls. If you apply it alone, the nails will hardly be colored, so it is recommended to apply it in layers with other colors. The delicate sparkle creates a gorgeous fingertip that is not flashy. It's also cute to use with "Cloudy Sky" and "Dusky Purple".

Canmake "Colorful Nails N48 Hazy Moon"

Canmake "Colorful Nails N48 Hazy Moon"
N47 Dusky Purple x N48 Hazy Moon

Three limited-edition colors that match autumn / winter fashion with many deep colors. I want to update the seasons with my fingertips while changing clothes.