"SC MINI" from Karcher Japan

Home steam cleaner "SC MINI" that is easy for beginners to use is now available from Karcher Japan. It will be on sale from April 26th. The price is open.

"SC MINI" is a product designed in response to the recent growing needs for sterilization. As an entry model for household steam cleaners, it is also recommended for people who have never used steam cleaners before. The main features are as follows.

1. Simple standard equipment that supports "daily sterilization" [br /] The attached accessories are a hand brush + cover (2 sheets) with a high sterilization effect. By focusing on "sterilization", accessories are simple and easy to store.

2. Compact type that is easy for beginners [br /] Compact yet stable and powerful steam can be used for sterilization and cleaning. It is also suitable as an entry model for people who have never used a steam cleaner before.

3. 3. 99.99% sterilization with water alone [br /] 99.99% sterilization of bacteria and viruses in ordinary households with high-temperature steam at about 100 ° C. Since it can be sterilized only with water without using detergent, it can be used safely even at homes with small children and pets.

The product outline is as follows.
Category: Household steam cleaner Model name: SC MINI
Sales route: Home improvement stores, home appliance mass retailers, online stores, etc. Steam discharge pressure: Maximum 0.3MPa
Tank capacity: 0.2L
Heat-up time: Approximately 3 minutes Body dimensions (length x width x height): 321 x 127 x 186 mm
Body mass: 1.6 kg
Standard equipment: Hand brush, 2 microfiber covers for hand brush