ETVOS 2022SS Collection

The 2022SS collection of ETVOS will be available on January 12, 2022. ETVOS Isetan Shinjuku Main Building B2F = Beauty Apothecary Store Limited to pre-sale on January 5, 2022. Reservations are accepted from December 27th at official online stores and directly managed stores.

ETVOS 2022 SS Collection

The theme of the 2022SS collection is "Blooming Days". The warmth of the sun that touches the cheeks, the lightness of the wind that makes the hair flutter, and the fragrance of the flowers. A collection that condenses the joy of spring.

Mineral Classy Shadow Blossom Shower

From the mineral classy shadow, where the delicate brilliance of minerals creates a deep and elegant eye area, a blossom shower reminiscent of a spring garden has appeared. A 4-color palette with the transparency and warmth of spring. The price is 4,400 yen (tax included, same below).

ETVOS "Mineral Classy Shadow Blossom Shower"

Mineral Eye Balm Rose Soda

The limited edition color is a rose color with a pearly feel that reminds you of champagne. The bright pink color blends naturally when placed on the skin, and every time you blink, it gives off an elegant sparkle to give your eyes a spring-summer look. With the sweetness and brightness that is perfect for adults, it is also useful when you want to remove dullness. The price is 2,750 yen.

ETVOS "Mineral Eye Balm Rose Soda"

Mineral Designing Eyebrow Reddish Brown

A pencil-type eyebrow made of plant-derived oil, wax and minerals. Reddish brown is a reddish brown that creates a gentle atmosphere. If you put redness on your eyebrows, you will get a stylish impression. The price is 3,850 yen for the main unit, 1,540 yen for the pencil cartridge, and 1,760 yen for the powder cartridge.

ETVOS "Mineral Designing Eyebrow Reddish Brown"

Mineral Rouge Gateau Beige

The limited color of Mineral Rouge, which is a brown color, is Gato Beige, which makes delicate lips healthy and gives moisture and luster. The balance of redness and bluishness, which is slightly contained, gives a bitter sweetness with a single application and adds depth to the expression. Produces a look that fits comfortably on the lips and gives a sense of sheerness and warmth. The price is 3,300 yen.

ETVOS "Mineral Rouge Gateau Beige"