g.u. "Jutsu Kaisen" collaboration collection

g.u. will release a collaborative collection with the TV anime "Jutsu Kaisen" on May 13. Handled at g.u. stores nationwide and online.


. "Jyusyu Kaisen" Collaboration Collection

This collaboration collection focuses on the visual beauty of the animation, with designs tailored to the respective characteristics of men's, women's, and children's wear. The collection includes not only clothing, but also loungewear, boxer shorts, tote bags, caps, and a wide range of other items that allow the wearer to feel the world of "Jutsu Kaisen" just by wearing them. The product lineup is composed for each generation and can be enjoyed by all.

Men's items are designed with a sense of realism inspired by the overall world of the anime.

g.u. "Jutsu Kaisen" collaboration collection

The women's items use pop illustrations from the first season's first cool ending movie. The design looks great as a fashion item.

g.u. "Jutsu Kaisen" collaboration collection

The kids' items are designed for children to enjoy, including the character's skills.

g.u. "Jutsu Kaisen" collaboration collection
Kids (sold exclusively through the online store and select stores)

A total of 16 men's models, 10 women's models, and 4 kids' models (sold exclusively through the online store and some stores). Prices range from 590 yen to 2,990 yen.

(c) Akutami Shimoji/Shueisha, Jutsu Kaisen Production Committee