Premium Bandai "Kirby Hand Plush Warmer Kirby

Premium Band

ai Kirby Hand Nui Warmer Kirby Premium Bandai will sell "Kirby Hand Nui Warmer Kirby" from the popular game "Kirby of the Stars". The price is 6,600 yen (tax included, shipping and handling not included). Pre-orders are now being accepted.

Kirby Hand Nui


Kirby "Kirby Hand Nui Warmer Kirby" is a palm-sized plush toy that keeps you warm. By placing the included rechargeable warmer inside the plush toy, it can be used as both a warmer and a plush toy.

Kirby's tummy gets warm in about 2 minutes after turning on the switch. The plush toy is made of a resilient, fluffy material that makes you feel warm and happy when you gently wrap it around you.

The plush toy fits in both hands and is cordless, so you can take it with you in your bag when you go out. The temperature can be switched between HIGH and LOW, so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature depending on the usage scenario.

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