Propolins Cheeka Limited Collaboration



A collaboration product between "PROPOLINS," a mouthwash that allows you to visually check your mouth for dirt, and the popular SNS manga "Chiikawa something small and cute" will be available for purchase. The release date is August 8.

The limited edition products will be available in 150ml (5.07us fl oz) and 600ml (20.29us fl oz) bottles in a total of eight designs: Chiikawa, Hachiware, Usagi, and Gumi. 600ml (20.29us fl oz) bottle purchasers will receive an original sticker. There are 4 types of stickers in total.


is a mouthwash with 50 million bottles sold worldwide. Stains in the mouth and bad breath are one of the causes of protein stains. Propolyns entangles protein stains in the mouth and hardens them to release them, and because the stains are visible, the feeling of freshness is exceptional.

There is a wide range of products in the Propolyns lineup, including the Propolyns series of mouthwashes with visible stains and Propolyns Dental Whitening, a liquid toothpaste with whitening properties. Four particularly popular types are now available in collaborative bottles.

The product outline is as follows.

Product name: Chiikawa x Propolins series
Price: Regular 600 ml: 1,078 yen (including tax) Dental whitening, Sakura, Yuzu 600 ml: 1,298 yen (including tax)
Regular, dental whitening, Sakura, Yuzu 150 ml: 330 yen (including tax)
Retailers: Official goods Stores, official online store, other drugstores, variety stores, home centers, etc. nationwide