Kracie "Naive Body Soap (Kinmokusei Fragrance)

Kracie "

Naive Body Soap (Kinmokusai Fragrance)" From the "Naive" lineup of 100% plant-based cleansing ingredients, a body soap with "Kinmokusai Fragrance" will go on sale on September 25 in limited quantities to remind us that autumn is coming.


Body Soap (Kinmokousai

Fragrance) This is the first "Naive" body soap with Kinmokousai fragrance. The first Naive body soap with a fragrance of Kinmokusei (osmanthus fragrance). 100% plant-based cleansing ingredients provide gentle lather to wash the skin of the whole family.

Kracie "Naive Body Soap (Kinmokusei Fragrance)

The combination of rice nuka extract, toki root extract, and glycerin (a moisturizing ingredient) leads to fresh and smooth skin. Also, "skin-soothing ingredients" protect amino acids in the skin and keep it moisturized. The fragrance of Kinmokusai, which reminds us of the coming of autumn, creates a relaxing bath time. No colorants, mineral oils, parabens, or silicones are used.

In addition to Naive Body Soap (Kinmokusai Fragrance) (530mL pump, 380mL refill), Naive Body Soap Foaming Body Soap (Kinmokusai Fragrance) (600mL pump, 480mL refill) is also available. It will be sold at drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. Prices are open.

Kracie "Naive Body Soap (Kinmokusei Fragrance)