Chifure New "Mythical Beauty" Colors for Fall/Winter 2023


New Colors for Autumn/Winter 2023 Mythical Beauty

Chifure offers two new point makeup colors for Autumn/Winter 2023: "Chifure Gradation Eyeshadow" in two colors, "Chifure Twin Color Eyeshadow" in two colors, "Chifure Gel Eyeliner" in two colors, "Chifure Lipstick (refill)" in one color. Chifure Lipstick (refill)" in one color.

Mythical Beauty

This season's new color collection expresses a mystical worldview that includes the warmth of nature and precious sparkles, which attracts us unconsciously. The color range includes colors that evoke the depth of minerals and nature with enchanting pearls, expressing the powerful will and beauty that lies within.

Chifure Gradation Eyeshadow 36 and 61

, two new colors for Fall/Winter 2023, have a mysterious atmosphere with sparkling mineral-like pearls. Priced at 693 yen each (tax included, same below).

Chifure Gradation Eyeshadow 36, 61

Chifure Twin Color Eyeshadows 09 and 50

are two new colors for Fall/Winter 2023 that evoke powerful will and enigmatic beauty. Priced at 550 yen each.

Chifure Twin Color Eyeshadow 09, 50


Gel Eyeliner PL20, RD20

: Easy to draw and stand out clearly. Blur-resistant gel eyeliner. Priced at 660 yen each.

Chifure Gel Eyeliner PL20, RD20


Lipstick (Refill) 750

Moisturizing lipstick containing as much hyaluronic acid as a beauty essence. Price: 385 yen.

Chifure Lipstick (Refill) 750